An American We Are Grateful For tells the story of a simple man with simple faith in a supernatural God. Bartley Christian Church is privileged to have Pastor John Willis numbered amongst us. He left a legacy of one who lived his life according to the principles of the Sermon on the Mount. You will be inspired as you read the life story of one who started well and finished well in his spiritual pilgrimage.

— William Lee     
Senior Pastor, Bartley Christian Church     

Pastor John Willis touched so many lives simply by being who he was and the fact that he started his ministry in Asia after retirement at age 62 is further testimony to the greatness of this man. He showed many of us young ministers at Bartley Christian Church what it meant to lay down one's life for a flock. Needless to say, I was thrilled to learn that a book on Pastor John Willis had been commissioned. I know it will inspire readers to serve our Lord with even greater fervour.

— Rev Vincent Lun     
Pastor, Kingdom Community Church     

Uncle John was a dear, warm friend; and I had the privilege of having a close relationship with him. My children and all the CNEC staff adopted him as our 'uncle'. Many young people loved him and many of those he mentored became missionaries, church leaders and pastors. He invested his life by setting up a theology education scholarship fund with Singapore Bible College. He also played a vital role in the planting of Neighbourhood Church and Bartley Christian Church. Well done, Uncle John! The fruits he bore have truly brought glory to God.

— Rev Dr Paul B. Chang     
Missionary Mentor, CNEC     

Pastor John Willis' life reminds me of the phrase in Matthew 25:21: "Well done, good and faithful servant!" He was more concerned about being faithful to God than about being seen as successful for God. God used this one life to make a great impact on many lives. Mine is one of these lives. Not only did he commission me into full-time Christian work, he also constantly encouraged me to serve the Lord faithfully. Even though I have known Pastor Willis for more than 30 years, An American We Are Grateful For has helped me to know him even better. More importantly, this biography encourages us to know the God whom Pastor Willis serves. And as we do so, we will discover that it is never too late to let God use our lives for His good purposes - as Pastor Willis did.

— Albert Lee     
International Director, RBC Ministries     

Most of us in Singapore and Bartley Christian Church would recall that Pastor John Willis (PJW) came to Singapore in November 1966 after retiring from the postal service in the United States. We know little of his days preceding 1966. This book tracks rich details of the life of PJW from Minnesota to Chicago where he spent a large part of his adult life. One of the chapters entitled Firm Foundations For The Future is indeed an apt description of the early godly choices PJW made that prepared him for over 30 years of faithful service in Singapore and Asia. He served by example, with Christ as his model of humility, faithfulness and love, impacting many for eternity.

— Timothy Teo     
Advisor to the Elders' Board, Bartley Christian Church     

An American We Are Grateful For is a fascinating story of God's grace. God took an ordinary U.S. postal worker and, at retirement age, transported him to another culture where he influenced hundreds if not thousands of lives on every continent. It is the story of God turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. More than just a biography, it is a living definition of the spiritual gifts of pastor and evangelist. Geraldine Leong has captured the true essence of the man from his compassion for everyone he met to the "Willis Stubbornness" in doing things his way.

— Tim Osterlund     
Nephew of Pastor John Willis