Who Are We Really Grateful To?

The One Who Links Us All

The answer is best described by Pastor Willis, in his own words, as recorded on one of his many gospel trips:

"It's been a real joy to be here with you. If I don't see you here on earth again, I will see you up in glory. And I'm thankful also for the privilege of sharing in so many different places here. I'm thankful most of all for the Lord Jesus Christ. He took my place on the cross that I might live forever. That's what I am thankful for most of all, that I have the Lord Jesus Christ living in my heart. So shall we pray:

'Heavenly Father, we rejoice that we can be here this morning. Heavenly Father, we rejoice in the fact that I would be lost without hope and without God, and someone told me about the Jesus and I trusted Him. So I thank you for the privilege of being a Christian all these years. I'm thankful for the privilege of being here. So Heavenly Father, we pray that you would give each one of us a thankful heart for what Thou has done for us, for Jesus' sake.

Do you know what God has done for you?